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Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker


2021 - present

This is the start of my solo journey. This is my place where I can do whatever I like, my outlet, my freedom...good or bad it matters long as I'm happy and doing it.



2021 - present

Collaboration with Dan Cole, The Dead Collective is a space for us to play the loud aggressive type of music we like and channel some of our energies and frustrations into something rocking and creatively therepeutic.

For the most part Dan writes the music and I write and sing the words.....getting to scream and swear into a mic is very fun!

Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker



Proudly psychedelic pagan, progressive punk, space rock, reggae amalgam, with some really nice guitar work and folk influences. Classic material infused with a driving energy.

Originally formed at the end of the 80s, they quickly became Cornwall's premier band and were soon touring up and down the UK and mainland Europe building up huge fan bases. The band consistently headlined at festivals and major venues + the occasional support.

Here is some footage of the band from the Interceltique Festival in Lorient, Bretagne in 1995.



In their own unique DIY style, 3 Daft Monkeys have become one of the most popular touring bands on the UK festival scene. Their quirky, original and unusual approach to music and their exhilarating and energetic live performances have garnered them a loyal live



The band have ploughed their own furrow through the music business, and despite their cottage-industry approach, they have created a huge buzz across the music scene in the UK and Europe, where they have drawn in a large and extremely devoted fan base.


Their passion, intensity and sheer joy of life mixed with their infectious dancing rhythms will leave you breathless, enthralled and exhilarated.

Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker
Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker



Roswell were an acoustic surf rock band that combined influences of punk, ska and dance music into their energetic live shows. Fronted by songwriter Trevor Row and Lead vocalist Rachel Garmory, they enjoyed notoriety in the local clubs and surf festivals of their home county of Cornwall.



The Hitchcock Rules were a 5-piece indie rock band born in a tiny cold house in the seaside town of Perranporth in Cornwall, England.


Playing hundreds of dates all over the UK including Leicester University, the prestigious Cavern Club in Liverpool, Beautiful Days Festival and the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth, the band created a strong and loyal fan base.


They received consistent levels of air play on local and national radio stations such as Capital FM, BBC radio and many regional independent stations.


They won Pirate FM’s 'Unsigned Battle of the Bands' competition, which was judged by Nick Mason (drummer with Pink Floyd) and Tim Smit (the brains behind The Eden Project).

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