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Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker

"If you or anyone you know (young or old!) would like to learn to play drums, then you need to look no further than Rich Mulryne. Go for it! In December 2015 I had a trial lesson from Rich and have been drumming ever since! Many people know their craft: not so many can teach it! Rich is an experienced, highly skilled professional drummer who can relate to people of any age and is brilliant at breaking skills down, making them easier to learn. He's approachable, patient (he has to be with me, an oldie!), fun, encouraging, adaptable and I can't recommend him highly enough"

Jeanette (Netty) Stokes

Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker

"Rich Mulryne has been teaching me drums for the past two years. I started as a complete novice and he has brought me on to a grade 6 drummer. He is a fantastic teacher, patient, understanding, knowledgeable and bags of fun even when things are going wrong. I would recommend him as a teacher for anyone"

Hel Latham

Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker

"Our boys-twins 6 years old have started getting drum lessons some months ago. One boy has Down Syndrome and for him these classes have been the greatest fun. He has got his own style of drumming and just loves it. The second boy learns how to play properly and he enjoys it so, so much. I think Rich has found the way to them both, making every lesson full of fun. And only reason why we stop it now - our relocation to other part of UK. I highly recommend new musicians the lessons with Rich. He is an experienced musician and definitely a tallented teacher."

Olga Harris and the twins.

"I want to say thank you so much for helping me become a drummer. Thank you for your encouragement, positive words and patience! The lessons were fun and the follow-up videos are a brilliant idea. There's still so much to learn but you've given me the confidence to believe I can be a drummer!"

Tony Ashton

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