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All lessons are charged per 30 minutes
Please contact me for more info

I teach in a quiet and comfortable environment in a bespoke cabin studio in Mullion on The Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall. I have over 15 years of one to one, drum kit, hand percussion and guitar teaching experience and there is no better feeling than being able to pass on my knowledge to an aspiring musician.


All ages and abilities welcome, with a special introductory rate and discounts for any referrals made.


I am a full member of the Musicians Union, DBS checked and I have public liability insurance cover.

As well as private one to one lessons in the cabin, I also run online sessions via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger for those who are unable to come to me but have their own drums and a good internet connection. Please message me for details.

Special Introductory Rate:
£15.00 for first 1 hour lesson
50% Discount for each successfully booked referral
Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker

In the studio you will be using Alesis Crimson Electric drums with realistic mesh heads; It really is a modern approach to learning the drums. Your technique can be perfected on these amazingly sensitive drums without the need for ear defenders! In the studio, I am sat next to you with my own demonstration drums. I’m with you all the way to teach, guide, support, mentor and have fun.


Drumming has to be predominantly fun.

The studio has superfast broadband with a monitor linked to the internet to search for master classes, tutorials and audio/videos of songs that interest the student to help learn from, inspire and play along with.


As well as these modern methods, I still value the tried and tested teaching practices of old. I focus on technique, stick grip, and I endeavour to embed the importance of the 'nuts and bolts' rudiments from which all drumming comes from.


From the get-go, you will start to read drum music and be introduced to the larger world and language of music notation and theory. This is very much student led, and we work together at your own pace. There is no pressure for students to take exams or grades, however, if this is an avenue you wish to pursue then I am happy to guide you, I have a 100% pass rate for those students who have wanted to take them.


There is also the opportunity to learn different drumming techniques on hand drums, mainly the djembé, daraboukka, and bongos.

Rich Mulryne Drummer Drum Lessons Cornwall Drum Teacher Filmmaker

I like to help absolute beginners of guitar to get comfortable holding and understanding the fundamentals of the instrument. I teach the basics of string names, tuning, finger positioning, notes on the fretboard, picking and stumming and I look at the first open chords and barre chords.

Learning a new instrument can be daunting but it can be so rewarding and with a little help and guidance, confidence can be gained and you can then decide yourself at which level you wish to continue at.


I also teach one to one drums at a local primary school which is a great way to offer youngsters a chance to experience drumming during school time. Seeing the children grow in confidence, problem solve, gaining better control of their coordination and being creative is such a privilege for me. 


I have also run African drumming workshops with Year 6s. Here the whole class would have access to djembes. We form a drum circle and I instruct them in traditional patterns and techniques, call and response and many types of rhythmical games.


My main objective with all of my sessions is to promote inclusivity and fun. Music and drumming are pathways to the soul, with the potential to liberate and inspire, everyone should do it!!

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