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It was cooking at The Old Bakery last night (and it weren't no bread!!)

Last night I was doing my other job, Chief Skin Slapper with 3 Daft Monkeys.

We had a local gig at The Old Bakery Studios in Truro. One of the best things about a local gig is the fact I can go home at the end of the night. I like travelling and nights away in familiar and sometimes unfamiliar places, however, you cannot beat a midnight fake cheese feast and a cup of Turmeric tea in your own home before snuggling up in your own bed knowing your family are safe and snoozing with you.

So with that to look forward to, I set off to hook up with the guys at Truro's newest venue.

The Old Bakery is an awesome venue, it reminded me of those old clubs (which are becoming less and less nowadays) which we used to play in or that I'd go and watch rock bands in - it felt familiar and comfortable, a good bouncy stage and cool lights. Nice owners and staff always help set a nice vibe and I knew it was going to be a sweaty night.

A packed room of friendly faces with full bellys from the scrummy food laid on by Punk Thai

and faces painted by Jo Blake, the fun guys from Black Eyed Nancy got the show going.

This was then followed by some circus antics from Vagabond Circus

and then we hit the stage.

We had Jen Dyer on viola and Elowen Waters on fiddle join us on stage for 4 songs which was lovely, and it was a really enjoyable, sweaty night and I was home by 12.30 for my bedtime snack.

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