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A German bar , German beer and some heaving bosoms.

That basically describes our gig last night in Exeter at the Bierkeller . The venue has quite an authentic german feel with its wood decor and solid wood long drinking tables. I felt immediately transported back to my teenage days when I used to visit my brother in Germany and we would drink the weekends away at a local beer festival. I immediately wanted to put on my lederhosen and start drinking...luckily for everyone I didn't. Our support was Devon's own, the Dillyboys . This is our friend Emily Howard's band. She is awesome, the other guys are awesome too and they had the crowd clapping, stamping and hollering along to them. 

Then it was our turn. It wasn't the largest crowd we've played to this year, however those that were there, seemed to be in good spirits (probably thanks to the quality german pils and Jeagermeister!!) and were soon up on the tables and jumping about. There were even a couple of ladies who appeared to have embraced the "buxom barmaid look". How their boobs didn't actually make an appearance I do not know, I am not privy to the mysterious and secret world of feminine wardrobe sorcery. Thankfully, for that, there were no awkward moments and I salute them for that....all of them.

Aftershow drinks and jam with the Dillyboys at their basement pad. This cool room has a piano, Peruvian whistles, hand drums and some nice Hawkwind stylee jams in E were had. 

The basement is decorated with loads of narly artwork by Sissy Lange. (who also lives there).  

Her art is pretty cool and some of them contain images of boobs (as well as other anatomy) and she's German, thus completing a very german and breasted themed evening. 

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