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Demoing new 3DM song in the cabin today.

I had a couple of hours off from teaching and family commitments today, so I put down a drum take for the new 3DM song, Information Camouflage.

I didn't have a guide to play to, so I just sung it in my head whilst drumming along to the metronome.

After I laid it down via midi from my Alesis Crimson electric drum kit to Logic Pro. I tightened the performance a tad, which is a great feature being able to manipulate your performance and make it really bang on the click.

It was a bit of an experiment today to see what the song could sound like, when we record it for real, if I was to use an acoustic drum kit with sticks rather than the hand percussion kit I use at live gigs.

It sounded cool, I was happy. I then started adding some sample sound effects that I've been making over recent months, just to see if they suit....and if the do maybe in the future I might be able to trigger this samples in a live concert situation, that would be great, I'd like to develop a hybrid, hand percussion and live sample kit.

Anyhoos, I've sent todays take to the others in the band, hopefully they will use it to demo and experiment with their parts.

Nice to be creative today.


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