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Day One....Blog One

So OK's been brought to my attention by the dude of all dudeness, Mr. Niall Nash, that to get more views on my website I need to have a more active online presence. So, I thought if I kept a diary blog of my doings in my new teaching/drum cabin, then this might increase traffic to my site and thus get more students and so multiply the amount of drummers and guitarists in the Helston area and eventually have the whole Lizard Peninsular rocking out!!

Here goes......

2 weeks ago, thanks to the valiant efforts of Mr Kevin Ashurst, we finished the new cabin.

I had had to build a new cabin studio after we moved house and couldn't take the old one with us.

I eventually bought the shell from Tuin Log Cabins.

For the previous 2 months since the move I had been writing and practicing in the house.

Not ideal but still very fortunate to have had that.

But now...

A working, insulated drum/teaching cabin complete with 2 neighbour friendly Alesis Crimson electric drum kits and a glitter ball!!

The first few lessons have gone well and I am very happy to be teaching the guys and girls again.

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