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View from the engine room

As I arrive at the end of a busy festival season, here's my view from almost every gig I've done this year.

From the big to the small and all in-between...all exactly the same, all completely different.

What a thing to do and what fun, time to give the hands a rest for a bit, ready to make a new album hopefully and get prepared for next year!!

I am forever grateful to Emz and Eliana for supporting me and understanding my need to follow my drumming journey. I couldn't do it without you.

A big love to the band, Tim, Athene and Jamie for all the stage antics and comradeship.

Simon for the sound, friendship and for lugging my drums around, you rock dude.

The festival organisers and crews who make it all happen, you are the heroes.

And finally, thank you to all the people who came along and supported us at the shows, it really is an enormous privilege to perform for you, without you, none of this could happen.


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